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  • Custom Mobile Robot

    1469 Custom Mobile Robot Products custom AGV

    Custom mobile robot is tailored to the specific needs of users. According to different industries, products and technologies, they can be divided into hybrid robots, multi-vehicle mobile robots, high-precision mobile robots, clean room mobile robots and so on.

  • Assisting Mobile Robot

    1548 Assisting Mobile Robot Products assembly AGVassisting AGVautomobile AGV

    Combined with the vehicle properties, assisting mobile robot is equipped with mechanical devices such as lifting, turning, stretching and load shifting, to realize the efficient assembly and testing of the engine, front and rear axle, gearbox, complete machine equipment and other products. The robot can be customized according to the characteristics of the product, to […]

  • Heavy-load Mobile Robot

    1362 Heavy-load Mobile Robot heavy-duty AGVheavy-load

    Heavy-load mobile robot refers to load capacity larger than 5 tons. SIASUN mobile robot load capacity can reach to 120 tons. Most heavy-duty mobile robots operate in all directions without turning radius. The navigation modes generally use magnetic navigation, laser navigation and SLAM navigation.

  • Transport Mobile Robot

    1454 Products Transport Mobile Robot transfer AGVTransport AGV

    Transport Mobile Robot is consisted of mobile robot and transport platform. It can carry roller conveyor, chain conveyor and other transmission mechanisms, and automatically connect to the roller conveyor or chain conveyor on the ground. Pallet can be used as carrier to realize automatic horizontal transfer of pallet goods. They are ideal application for automatic […]

  • Forklift Mobile Robot

    1760 Forklift Mobile Robot Products Forklift

    Which are modified from the forklift, maintain the structure and rigidity of its original vehicle, and add control, navigation, communication system and so on. Forklift mobile robot usually use magnetic navigation, laser navigation or hybrid navigation. Product catalog Typical Applications

  • Assembly Mobile Robot

    1624 Assembly Mobile Robot Products assembly

    Which are used in the final assembly of automobile chassis and body-in-white. Owing to the trackless characteristics of mobile robot, the system has high flexibility. Robots running lines can be flexibly adjusted according to assembly process requirements. Products family Typical applications