Technical Advancement

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Control System

  • Flexible Scheduling: a single system supports up to 8 models and more than 300 sets of AGVs.
  • Intelligent Management: Central management of battery (life and maintenance), provides data storage, analysis and statistics, and supports deadlocking mechanism to avoid deadlocks. Supports cross-floor scheduling. Provides remote on-line, download, monitoring and maintenance functions.
  • Humanized Design: support dual-system hot backup, 24X7 uninterrupted operation. Implementation of statistical functions and data analysis.


  • Main controller: the main controller VCU300, which is independently developed by SIASUN, with embedded CAN bus, integrates the components and communication components required by high-speed computing hosts such as mainboard, electronic disk, network card, CAN communication port and serial port.
  • Motion controller: Motion control module MUC50, besides control and motion algorithm, increases the protection function of stall protection, overload protection and overcurrent protection.
  • Standard: Passed the European CE certification standard

SIASUN VCU300 AGV Controller

Navigation System

  • Navigation: magnetic navigation, laser navigation, inertial navigation, ribbon navigation, electromagnetic navigation, two-dimensional code visual navigation, GPS navigation, natural navigation and other navigation methods.
  • Complex navigation: it can realize multiple navigation complex technologies, such as magnetic navigation + inertial navigation, magnetic navigation + laser navigation, two-dimensional code navigation + natural navigation, etc.
  • New navigation: combined with advanced SLAM algorithms and other new navigation methods.

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